Conservatory Players Orchestra

Conservatory Players Orchestra! A Reading Ensemble for String Players

Conservatory Players is a reading string orchestra program intended for students ages 7 - 11. If your student is a complete beginner, check out our Growing Roots program for beginning string players!

Allegro is for string players who have some experience on their instrument and (violin, viola, cello, bass) are playing at a Suzuki Book 1A Level (or equivalent). This class is perfect for Sprouts and Growing Roots Graduates. To register, a short video of the student playing their instrument is required.

Brio is for string players who participated in Conservatory Players last year and are ready for the next level! Prerequisite playing level is Suzuki Book 1B-3+, with the ability to read first-position notes on all strings and basic rhythms. A placement video and teacher recommendation is required for Brio.

Students in both levels will learn basic ensemble skills, like following a conductor and playing together as well as strengthening their note reading ability! This ensemble will be featured in concert performances at the conclusion of both the Fall and Spring semesters. The program will run 32 weeks from September through May.




In the event of any student absence, please notify your instructor in advance. After the second consecutive missed class without notice or contact, the student may be dismissed and the date of the second missed class will be considered the official withdrawal date. All withdrawal policies will be followed.

Students are encouraged to be on time.  Students who are late for class cannot be guaranteed their full class time.

Omaha Conservatory of Music reserves the right to dismiss any student without a refund due to frequent absences, disciplinary problems, overdue tuition payments, and/or noncompliance with the Conservatory's policies.

Group class tuition payments are due 5 days prior to the first class session.  Class tuition is non-refundable after this point, regardless of the reason for withdrawal.